Our Mission

At the heart of all we do lies an unshakable belief in the transformative power of love and joy. Our mission is a testament to our deep commitment: we exist to cultivate a world overflowing with love, joy, and profound harmony. Through the timeless connection between humans, horses, and nature, we aim to kindle the fires of passion in every heart we touch.

With a profound sense of purpose, we dedicate ourselves to improving the lives of others, not as a mere duty, but as an act of love and devotion. We work tirelessly to create a world where kindness, compassion, and happiness flourish, all while revolutionizing the equine industry through innovative technology and practices.

In our journey, we aspire to do more than just create moments of happiness; we aspire to craft a legacy of love and joy that transcends generations. And as we embark on this heartfelt path, we ensure that you, too, radiate the warmth and grace of our cause.

Our mission is simple yet profound: ‘For the love and joy of others,’ we stand unwavering, bound by the threads of love, and committed to nurturing a world where the heart knows no bounds.

It all had to start somewhere

Koedoeslaagte and Pasio Life are anything but ordinary. We are a fusion of one big story, many emotions, and passions that came together to form something truly extraordinary and this all had to start somewhere.

Pasio Life

“Pasio” is not a commonly used word in English, but we have made it one, it is a word that has been created to convey the idea of passion. The word “pasio” represents the combination of the words “passion” and “life,” suggesting a life filled with passion, energy and joy. That is what we strive to bring to others.

Amelie Koekemeor

Founder and CEO of Pasio Life


The farm doggie that loves horses and loves playing

Our Horses

Our herd, they are our special creatures