Safari Trails

Ride Through Wild Wonders

Safari Trail Ride Information

R950 PER PERSON (For 2 to 3 hours including snacks)

Riding Level: Intermediate Beginner – Experienced
Ride Difficulty: Moderate – Has intense hill climbs
Weight Limit: 95 kg
When: All year round
Age limit: 12 and younger

Safari on Horseback

Embark on an unforgettable journey with our Safari Trail Rides, where adventure and nature converge. Explore the stunning landscapes of our trail park on horseback, guided by experienced riders who share their knowledge of the local wildlife and flora. As you traverse our meticulously curated trails, keep an eye out for the majestic zebra, eland, and giraffe that roam freely in their natural habitat. Our safari rides offer a unique opportunity to connect with nature, spot these incredible animals up close, and experience the beauty of the wilderness in an intimate and thrilling way. Saddle up and discover the wild like never before.

What will you Experience?

The Wild Life

Experience the wild animals in a unique way. On horseback you can get up close to the giraffe, eland and zebras.

The horses

Our horses are well trained and used to the wild life. They know what they are doing and they adjust themselves to their riders. If you an experienced rider we definitely have the right horse for you.

The Scenery

It is perfect!